Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Advantages of foamcast metal casting process over traditional sand casting.

I am pleased to share with you the following information about the foamcast process:

Advantages of
foamcast over traditional sand casting:
  1. Can be used for precision castings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of any size.
  2. Fewer steps are involved in foamcast casting compared to sand casting.
  3. Core making is eliminated.
  4. Binders or other additives and related mixing processes are eliminated.
  5. High dimensional accuracy can be achieved and thin sections can be cast (i.e. 3 mm).
  6. There is lower capital investment.
  7. The flasks used are less expensive and easier to use because they are in one piece.
  8. The need for skilled labor is reduced.
  9. Multiple castings can be combined in one mold to increase pouring efficiency.
  10. Consistent casting quality
  11. Lower operating costs can be achieved for appropriate castings. Complex castings, particularly internal sections, which require high dimensional accuracy and have thin sections, can be produced very cost effectively in comparison with to conventional sand molding processes.
  12. Fettling and machining is minimized due to high dimensional accuracy and the absence of parting lines or core fins.
  13. The shakeout process is simplified and does not require the heavy machinery required for bonded sand systems.
  14. High levels of sand reuse are possible. As little as 1-2% of the sand is lost as a result of spills. Periodically a portion of sand may need to be removed or reclaimed to avoid the build-up of styrene.

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